MARK V OTG Portable Shockwave Therapy System

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PORTABILITY meets FUNCTIONALITY. The Mark V Shockwave therapy device is designed for the busy practitioner who may not always use the same room for treatment.

• Independent contractors
• Athletic therapists, Sports chiropractors, Team PT's or Team Orthopedic practitioners
• Anyone treating in a sports setting - at the field/arena or in the dressing room
• Clinics with many rooms or undedicated shockwave therapy region
• Practitioners who bounce between areas in the clinic that need portability

The Mark V boasts versatility for busy practices as an add-on unit for when your Shockwave therapy area is occupied. Never get stuck with wait times, and always have a portable option for quick treatments in addition to your normal services.

• Professional and Portable with 24 built-in clinical protocols
• 1 - 8 BAR with .5 BAR adjustment

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